First off, let me be a man about this and admit right here and now, I’m guilty as charged!

I admit, I can, at times, be all over the place, chasing too many chickens at the same time.  This is why I know this subject (problem) so well.  I see so many of my clients doing this (and myself doing this) that I am quickly reminded to STOP doing this.

Let’s face it, we are ambitious people who beat to the sound of a different drum.  We are eager, wild-eyed, hasty, sometimes unreasonable, dreamers and enthusiastic pursuers of achievement.

It’s easy as pie for us to get distracted, overwhelmed, overexerted, exhausted and lost, constantly.

I mean, it’s even worse when something starts working well!  Oh goodness, as soon as something starts producing, we have a big tendency to rush as fast as we can to… Start something completely new and different!

It worked!

So, now what?

I know… let’s change everything and do something brand spanking new!  Let’s give up on what was working, ignore it, and move on to some new challenge that is unproven to work at all!  Yeah, that’s a much better use of our time this next week or three.

I cannot tell you how many times, over the years, one of my team members presented me with some type of stats or numbers displaying how GREAT some offer or promotion worked in the past, only for me to not even remember promoting that offer at all!

Team Member:  “Hey Eric, you know, that ABC Offer we did back in February brought in 28-thousand dollars in 3 days and the customers raved about it.  We only promoted it that one time, and only for 3 days.  Maybe we should revisit that and do it again, I’m quite certain more people would love to jump on that offer!”

Eric:  “28k?  Great!  What was ABC Offer again?”

Yes indeed, many of us have a tendency to only focus on new stuff, new action, new ideas, new creations, new directions and overwhelming ourselves on tasks to conquer.

However, we tend to achieve much better success by focusing on LESS, not more.  We gain much bigger momentum when we KEEP focusing on making what’s currently working… work even better!

It’s not 1,000 different things we must do to achieve, it’s usually 4 to 6 things and that’s it!

When it comes to growing your coaching or consulting business, many of our clients think they need to do 1,000 different things simultaneously in order to bust out of the mud, and grow their incomes, etc.

For example, they think they need; a new podcast show, a new YouTube channel and show, a new best selling Amazon book, a new speaking gig, a new home study course, a new membership club, to hire a new copywriter, to 10x their social media posting, ignite Facebook Ads, build up their LinkedIn audience, finally figure out Snap-Chat and do (2) Facebook Live episodes daily, and 950 other things, in order to scale!

This is never the case.

There’s like 2, 3, 4, maybe SIX things needed to scale and that’s freaking it!

For example, one of those few things needed is “Appointment Generation!”  Too many coaches and consultants out there struggle to get constant, ongoing, high-quality and laser-targeted “appointments” (daily!)

That is a critical part of your business, right?

However, it does not require you doing 960 different things to achieve “more quality appointments”.  You can explode your appointments with only using Facebook Ads, or ONLY LinkedIn or ONLY YouTube Ads.

Repeat:  Just YouTube Ads alone can skyrocket your appointments, by it’s lonesome!  You don’t need to execute 1,000 different things to skyrocket your appointments.

And, to REALLY be effective with that ONE thing, like YT Ads, the more you laser-beam-3000 focus on YouTube Ads, the more momentum you’ll gain, the more results you’ll get, the more “intensity” your YT Ads will produce!

You’ll solve problems easier, pioneer new ways of doing things, find huge breakthroughs, and ultimately SHOCK yourself at the new results you’re getting… all because you hyper focused on ONE Thing, not 960 different things.

If you find yourself all over the place, lost, or spinning your wheels like an octopus on roller skates, then follow these steps here:

  1. Spend good quality time working on and crafting a “clear and definitive and primary and major and singular, big, GOAL”… or CDPMSBG!
  2. Next, lay out the major tasks or secondary goals to achieve that major-definite goal from #1 above. For example, if your major goal is to generate 1 million dollars per year in your business, then what are the tasks/accomplishments you need to execute to achieve that major goal?  List them out (work hard on this plan/goal/vision BTW, it’s monumental for getting “focused”)
  3. Next, lay out the tasks needed to achieve the “secondary goals” from #2 above. For example, your major goal might be to produce a million per year and one of your secondary goals might be to execute Facebook Ads, then what do you need to do to make “Facebook ads” a reality for yourself?  List those tasks out, baby!
  4. At this point, if you do the above, you will absolutely feel like a million bucks instantly and be on cloud 9! You will have a clear vision to attack.  You will have a primary aim.  You will know where you are going.  And then you can harness all the power you have inside you!  If you are reading this, you are like my other clients and you are a lightning bolt!

Lighting bolt:  Can have 500 trillion watts.  If we could only harness the power of lighting, we could light up our world for generations to come!  Well, most coaches and consultants are lighting bolts too, we just need to harness their power and direct it in a focused direction!

  1. Figure out what your Big 3 are (it can be as much as your Big Six)… but you need to figure out what you are going to hyper focus YOUR time, energy, talents, skills on… and outsource or hire council to execute the other stuff for you.

For example, here are my top few BIG things I focus my time and energy on:

  1. Coaching & Teaching (includes creating content like this article)
  2. Managing & leading my dream team members
  3. Creating Marketing Materials (copywriting, etc)

What I don’t do is things like the following:

  1. Technical tasks
  2. Graphic art
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Admin
  5. Sales (sometimes I do though)
  6. Running FB ads (sometimes though, but not consistently)
  7. Running LinkedIn
  8. Taxes
  9. Cutting the grass
  10. Cleaning the pool

In other words, I’m not good at any of those things listed there, and I’ll just focus on the 3-6 things I’m pretty good at, and love doing.

A lot of people are reluctant to give up control of their businesses, or give up control of parts of their businesses… and I still struggle with that too… but it’s absolutely necessary to grow and scale (and make your life happier!)

Listen, there are tons of people out there who would love nothing more than to earn money from you outsourcing parts of your business for them to execute for you.  There is no shortage of good, quality, capable people out there.

I hear the same thing from people all the time too, they say, “well, I just cannot trust anyone”.  I know that feeling well, but it’s crushing your goals and happiness in business.

I see people who are doing tasks they absolutely hate doing with a passion, but they feel they cannot trust anyone else to do it as well as them.  This is pure crap and we know it.  This is our egos talking or pride and not facts.

Give up control (or ego) of some of the parts of your business and instead of doing those tasks yourself, focus instead of managing the others doing those tasks.

For example, instead of being the one who spends all your time “selling”… hire salespeople and spend your time managing and leading and cheerleading them to massive achievement!

But goals, man.

Get ‘em.