“An Impulsive Vow Is A Trap; Later You’ll Wish You Could Get Out Of It!”

As a coach or consultant, you’ll be tempted quite often to accept money from people who do not match-up with you — or who are not a good fit at all. Often times, we look at our own finances and see lack (no matter how much we earn!) and then decide to accept payments from people who are not a good fit.

Therefore, it’s important to understand how your subconscious mind works. It can cripple your success and journey. If you are accepting money from people who are not a good match for you, it’s hard to make that business thrive long-term.

You’ll burn yourself out and your subconscious mind will sabotage things. You wont sleep well at night and you’ll possibly even be miserable doing what you thought you’d love doing as a living.

This is why it is crucial to KNOW who your ideal client is right now. The reason I say “right now” is because that ideal client will change over time. Today you might want to target single mothers and tomorrow, you might want to consult CEO’s of law firms in the Southeastern USA.

Find Your Ideal Client

What is important is “WHO” you want to consult and coach right now! Who is your ideal, perfect, dream client you want to attract? What type of person is this and what do they do? What problem do they have and how are you helping them solve it?

Listen, if you are crystal clear on “WHOM” you are targeting and attracting (your ideal client), it’s almost magical how that “type of person” comes flooding towards you! I mean, it’s like overnight; you start getting your ideal-perfect-client’s chasing you down!

For example, if you decided clearly and passionately with emotions, you want clients who are “spiritual” or “Christians”… then you’ll start attracting them and getting them as clients virtually overnight! I know, it’s kind of weird.

Basically, the law is: Your market mirrors you!

If you love fashion and are a foodie, you’ll start attracting similar people. Furthermore, you’ll be more deeply interested in them. You’ll hit it off well. The relationship will FLOW like a quiet river current.

However, if you feel tension and friction with a majority of your clients, then it’s not a flow and you’re not attracting your ideal, perfect-match, clients. This is VERY common with coaches and consultants. They are often miserable across the board (income, activities, impact and joy escapes them)

It’s important to fix this and get crystal clear on WHO your ideal client is… and why! You will attract and mirror your clients, so keep in mind WHO you are and who you strive to be, as well!

For example, if you are a coach or consultant . . . and you do that for a living . . . and you truly believe people need you . . . that everyone needs a coach . . . do you have a coach who consults YOU?

If you do not have a coach yourself . . . then maybe deep down inside there’s a “disconnect” going on. Maybe you are not aggressively attacking the marketplace with confidence because you are being hypocritical (selling people on coaching when you don’t even have a coach yourself)

Listen, the same goes for charging high fees. If you want clients to pay you 6k each . . . have you ever paid a coach 6k before, yourself?

There are many other areas this type of thing rings true for coaches and consultants. I’ll give you one more and we can call it a wrap.

Here’s one more I’ll gift you:

If you are focused on the chickens clucking around On the dirt… how can you fly with the Eagles and soar up Above the rest of the world?

I wish every coach could experience this: Bring on 100 customers who each paid you $10-bucks. During this same week, bring on 100 customers who each pay you 6-thousand bucks!

You’ll have 1000 times more headaches, problems and worries with those who paid you just ten bucks compared to those who paid you 6k!

If you want high caliber clients, you’ve got to start charging what high-level people expect to pay.